Hewwo ! Welcome to my Carrd ! My name is Sofia. You can call me Toonsexual or TS if you want. Be sure to read the Important tab !

★Important !★

You are allowed to draw nsfw fanart of Nebula as long as:
1.) You don't draw her with a dick
2.) You don't draw her being banged with a dick.

It really make me uncomfortable. Please respect this. I also don't like a lot of kinks so if you aren't sure of what kinks I do and don't like , please DM me.

★About me ! :D★

★Sofia is my actual name lol
★Toonsexual is my nsfw artist name
★Birthday: December 11
★Likes: Disney n' other toons, outer space, daydreaming while listening to music, masturbating (of course lol), and other things
★Dislikes: my social anxiety, not understanding something, creeps

I'm open to making friends, I'm just really shy ;w;;

★About The Star of the Account !★

"My Stars!" Nebula's catchphrase

First Name: Nebula
Last Name: De Luna
Nicknames: Neb, Nebs, Nebby, Nebbers, Nebster, Nebuwa
Age: Adult (she doesn't have a specific age, but if she really had one, I'd say in her early 20's)
Sex: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Lesbian

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Nebula is a sweet but shy goof toon. She was born with a mutation that gave her ridiculously long ears and has had some trouble with them throughout her life. Her family is wealthy af and Nebula lives in a mansion.

Some people in her neighborhood call her as "the lovable idiot of the block", she's not like..the smartest, but not that dumb lol

Hobbies: Baking, gardening, painting
Personality Traits: Sweet, shy around strangers, friendly, emotionally sensitive, somewhat clumsy, can get easily aroused
Dream Job: Be in a slapstick cartoon some day

★Extra Lewd Info★
Usually, Nebula likes to masturbate with her favorite dildo, which she named it Glowy:

She named it Glowy 'cause she loves how bright it is when it glows in the dark. And how big it is lol

(You will see Glowy A LOT in my art lmao)


Discord: Sofia n' Nebula#0094

★NSFW Twitter★

★SFW Twitter★





If you have any questions or comments, feel free to DM me on Twitter !